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Fortunately, Pogo itself has developed a feature called Compatibility Analysis for users facing such problems. Once you have downloaded the pogo, the built-in tools on the website will determine which features of your system are causing the problem. Once you have the results, you can work on the factors causing the problem.
Here are some tips you can follow to improve your gaming experience.

Clear history, cache, and cookies

The history and cache of a browser takes up tons of storage space on a computer. Removing this junk is likely to help you speed up your games.
1. If you see the upper right corner of your browser interface, you will see a symbol representing either the parameters or the tools. It varies from browser to browser.
2. Once you click on such a symbol, a new menu will appear in front of you. Search for the story and select it. Now a new window containing all your browsing history will appear.
3. Here you will also see an option that says Clear History or Clear Navigation Data. Choose this option.
4. Depending on your browser, you will see other options such as Clear Cache and Clear Cookies while following the previous steps. Select them to clear cache or cookies and recover more space.
If you still face issue in it then call at our pogo customer service.

Update or reinstall your browser

Regular updating of your browser is also likely to help. The most recent versions of browsers can be easily downloaded from the Internet. These new versions usually have more advanced features, which can help you avoid bugs or crashes during the game.
If you uninstall and reinstall your browser, it will simply be an alternative to manually deleting history, cache, and cookies.

Disable plug-ins or extensions

While many plug-ins and browser extensions have useful features, not all of them are necessary. Just as additional software that is open slows down a computer system, plug-ins or excessive extensions also slow down the browser and, as a result, hinder your game. This can cause your game to crash from time to time.
To avoid such cases, it is best to disable plug-ins or extensions of your browser before starting your online game. This can be easily done by going into your browser settings and searching for extensions. The exact steps may vary from one browser to another, but the general procedure would remain the same.

Recheck Java and Flash

Most Pogo games use Java or Flash. It is possible that one of these programs (the one required by your game) is disabled. Your first step is to verify that these features are enabled before you look for other patches.
Activating these tools is a very easy task. When you click this button, you can see a list of other options. If you cannot find Java or flash directly from this list, you may need to look for the advanced button / section. From here you can select the right option.
Users are also advised to update Adobe Flash and Java software on a regular basis. Based on tests and reviews, these software tools are regularly updated by their creators to meet the ever-changing demands of users. New versions help you make your gaming experience smoother.

Close additional tabs

Likewise, opening multiple useless tabs on your browser can disrupt your gaming experience. Experts suggest that to avoid slow games, you should close all additional tabs before starting the game.
We hope these suggestions have helped you improve your gaming experience. Also our Pogo customer support number is here to help you all time to solve pogo game related issue.

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